What About Me

I am a .NET developer and architect with more years in the software industry than I care to admit, the last seven of which have been spent architecting and implementing web and rich client applications for the enterprise. For the last four years I have worked nearly exclusively in C#.

I jumped into C# in 2001 when I read Borland's lawsuit against Microsoft over the fact that Bill had lured many key people away from Borland (all's fair in love and war, no condemnation here) to work on what was the precursor to .NET and C#. That's where I first learned of Anders Hejlsberg. I was already a Delphi enthusiast and reading about Anders journey north got me very interested in what he had produced.

At the time, I was considering moving away from Delphi and into the J2EE world. I consulted with a friend who was already a very successful consultant in that space. He read the winds blowing in from the northwest and suggested I would be better off, in terms of job opportunities in the future, if I went with C# and .NET. I haven't looked back since. I do look over the fence at J2EE from time to time to see what's happening but I don't think you could get me to switch from Diet Coke to coffee.